Corporal Surgery

A beautifully proportioned body can make you feel good and look fabulous. At the Saint Paul Clinic we have a special body contouring procedure for each patient. Our team of specialists is led by the prestigious plastic surgeon, Dr. Edwin Vásquez, who holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a leading member of the most important societies in the world.

With the treatment of corporal surgery we can make your body look thinner, stylized and firm, eliminating unnecessary fat and modeling your figure. At the Saint Paul Clinic we find the most appropriate body shape for you.

The starting point is the consultation

In the consultation, Dr. Edwin Vásquez will help you solve all the doubts you have. It is very important that you have a good communication with your surgeon so that they can establish real expectations regarding the results that you expect from the surgery.

Each case is different and is treated in a personalized way. The surgeon determines which is the best treatment that fits the established expectations. We guarantee an excellent quality service and follow-up in the patient’s process to obtain the desired results.


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Implante de Barba

Diversos factores causan vello facial delgado o escaso. El trasplante de barba puede proporcionar un vello facial completo de aspecto natural.

Implante de Cabello

La pérdida del cabello se da por diversos factores, afectando la autoestima de las personas. Este procedimiento se basa en redistribuir el cabello.

Implante de Cejas

Para quiénes desean tener unas cejas de una forma más estética. También a las personas que han perdido cejas por accidentes o quimioterapia.