Capillary Implant

The prestigious Saint Paul Clinic offers you the services of capillary implant with the highest quality standards of the market. The Clinic is led by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Edwin Vásquez who holds a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The micro-capillary implant provides the patient with a natural result, and means a permanent solution to baldness. The patient increases self-esteem and regains self-confidence. It is the most complete technique today.

The starting point is the consultation

Dr. Edwin Vásquez will answer any questions you may have regarding the surgery. You will be informed of the different techniques that will be used, depending on what you want to achieve, along with the patient’s expectations.

It will also evaluate the areas to be treated, and with that information it will provide a surgical plan designed to achieve the objectives set. In this consultation will also analyze the limitations identified by the Doctor so that the goal of the surgery is realistic and achievable.

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It is a very simple procedure that take just a few hours. The technique involves extracting small individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp. Subsequently, the follicles are cut into strips and then transplanted into the area of the beard or sideburns.

Once the process is finished, the hair on the beard will begin to grow immediately, and patients will be able to shave after only two weeks.


It is a radical alternative that is based in the redistribution of the hair, taking a sample from the back or near the nape of the neck and transplanting in the frontal area or bald area. The grafts are performed meticulously in the area that present baldness or reduction of capillary density.

Depending of the  degree baldness, the treatment can take between one and three interventions to achieve the desired density.


Eyebrow implant surgery involves taking hair from another part of the body and transplanting it to the forehead area. The hair follicles chosen are collected from the donor area, usually from the back of the head, and transferred to create the desired eyebrow shape.